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    Michael Mcguckin

    First off, magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) IS a salt … it’s just not NaCl (sodium chloride),which is table salt. It is the sulfate salt of Mg.
    Secondly, it is NOT a “natural” laxative in the sense of “natural” vs. “drug”. It IS a drug, just one that is a simple natural compound.
    As for it’s safety: Magnesium sulfate is in the class of “Osmotic laxatives”. It is a strong laxative. You confirm your ignorance by correctly calling it a “saline (salt) laxative”. Saline MEANS salt!
    As for it’s usage, it is used for bowel cleansing prior to colonoscopy. It works to evacuate the bowels completely utilizing chemical osmotic pressure. It is not unsafe per se but it’s not a good choice for casual usage, as it can seriously affect electrolyte (potassium, NaCl, etc.) balance and cause major side effects, especially in older adults and children. As a Registered Pharmacist I would NEVER recommend Epsom salt for anything other than topical (outside the body) uses. Yes, it could be used internally but there are so many other SAFER choices.
    People who are not medical professionals should NEVER act as such! You impart many incorrect and DANGEROUS “facts” and “advice”. For instance, dosages for topical usage (500 – 1000 mg) should NEVER be listed alongside advice to use a substance internally. Such a dose mistakenly given by a layman (commonly done) would be FATAL.
    You should get an MD, RPh, or an RN to fact check any medical articles … and … you, as a layperson, should stick to writing articles such as “watering your plants correctly” or the “best pizza joint” reviews.
    M. J. McGuckin RPh

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    I mean, congrats on your pharmacy degree, but even webMD confirms all that was said in the article. Maybe give med school a thought 🙂


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