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    John Prewett

    I distinctly remember reading in an Alaskan newspaper (either Fairbanks ‘NewsMiner’ or an Anchorage paper) of a welder on the Alaskan pipeline who was crushed-pinned between two sections of the big pipe when a bulldozer accidentally backed into the string of pipe. The welder testified he immediately came out of his body and watched his fellow workers scurrying around getting him to a helicopter to be flown to hospital in Anchorage. He said he blacked out and came to week or so later in the hospital. This was some 25 years ago. At the time I cared enough about this to call his phone number which was in the Anchorage phone book. His mother said he could not come to the phone at that time, but assured me the newspaper account was true. With your resources maybe you can track down this story … I’m so sorry I failed to keep copy of the event … but I have moved often in past 25 years …… including an around the world move.

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    I had an out of body experience. I was so sick and could feel I was going to die in the next 3 hours.
    This happened in 2010. I now know the difference from grace and mercy.
    And I was really blessed that evening.

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    Read the book proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander then tell me about your lack of belief in NDE that there is a heaven an Jesus Christ is our savior


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