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    Elene Gusch, DOM

    ‘… we are telling our kids they can be whatever gender they want….”
    Your misunderstanding of what it is to be transgender is truly sad, especially since you are supposedly giving advice about health and wellness.

    I’ve unsubscribed from your poorly-written newsletter. No idea why you sent it to me in the first place or how you managed to target me with it. I would certainly never recommend it to my patients.

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      You do acupuncture. Let’s not pretend that you’re some kind of actual doctor. You’re a scammer whose only understanding of transgendered people comes from trash magazine articles. Read up…

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    Francesca Etheart


    I’m all about loving yourself at any size and creating your perfectly imperfect body. However I see some body positive influencers using body positivity as an excuse not to exercise and continually not taking any step towards improving their life. If that’s the case the body positivity movement is not my cup of tea. Nothing is more body positive then taking care of your perfectly imperfect body.


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