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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with hundreds of published health articles. She also covers politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and paranormal topics. Jean is a popular guest on taboo-topic radio shows such as “Midnight in the Desert” and a regular news commentator on the Paralogian Report on Paraversal Universe Radio. Jean’s first book, UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases, is available on Amazon where reader feedback is always appreciated. For a fast-paced and forward thinking presentation to your group, contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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    Gregory Thomas

    I used to smoke 3+ packs a day of cigarettes but now I vape as well. I am down to less than ONE pack per day. That is going from over 60 down to about 15. My breathing has improved tremendously as well. No shortness of breath. No coughing every morning. My brother went from 2 packs/day to none & his nicotine level is now ZERO. My goal is the same. My doctor says my health has vastly improved as well.

    I only use pharmaceutical grade vape components made in America and mix them myself. The problem most people have with bad side effects is using cheap foreign products. I have a feeling that the testing may have included those kinds of products which would have skewed the results.

    I cannot speak for anyone else but vaping has worked for my brother & I to help quit smoking.

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    I finally quit smoking cigarettes five years ago because of vaping. I use to smoke every 15 minutes wen I was able to. I draw on my pen so little compared to how I use to smoke. I am not a younger person. I smoked for many years and kept trying to stop. Finally, with vaping, I was able to and have no desire to light another cigarette. Considering all the chemicals in one cigarettes – now 7,000 – I cannot imagine that vaping is as harmful.

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    We all know that smoking is a very unhealthy lifestyle, it can make your skin worse and worse, lung infections, and even cancer. But quitting smoking is very difficult for many people. It may be a habit of a lifetime. The possibility of change is very small. Then, it is very important to find alternatives to cigarettes. This substitute not only needs to satisfy the smoker, but must also be Healthy and safe. At present, the best alternative to cigarettes is electronic cigarettes.


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