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    I’d like to know if there were any results for those of us who suffer from dermatitis herpetiformis when ingesting gluten. Please respond.

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    J. Williams

    Several problems with this article. While I applaud your effort to let people know that digestive issues go beyond gluten consumption, the article stops at identifying fructans as a culprit. The truth is that, as we age, we may be vulnerable to a wide variety of digestive issues, such as decreasing production of enzymes of various types, and we may even have multiple issues working together at once. For example, another study implicates amylase production in digestive problems. And just one small, unreplicated study isn’t enough to suggest that millions of people should stop worrying about gluten. There are people who have successfully overcome problems by eating low-gluten/high-fructan diets. This is all very complicated, and many gastro-enterologists aren’t really equipped to guide patients through all the possibilities. So I wish that your article could have mentioned the complexity and listed fructans as one new possibility out of many. Incidentally, Peter Gibson doesn’t help matters by describing such digestive issues as “mild health symptoms.” They can be quite severely painful and incapacitating, causing people to quit their jobs, and, in some people, seem to be linked to inflammatory symptoms such as joint and muscle aches.


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