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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with over one hundred published health articles. She has also contributed hundreds of articles on politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and UFOs. Her first book is due for publication in September 2018. Contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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  1. 1

    Chuck Meyer

    Could this work in replacing damaged or worn cartilage in knees, hips and spines?

  2. 2

    Alan Kirby

    I would consider volunteering for the human study. Would this be a paid study? Im a 64 year old white male, just started taking metformin for type 2 diabetes, not sure if I have any other issues that this could help. Again I would volunteer though. Its not like I have any thing better to do.

  3. 3

    Ron Trudeau

    Where can I sign up to be part of the trail?

    1. 3.1

      Mildred Tally

      I’m interested in volunteering for this nanochip for my nerve problems and for my diastolic heart failure. I have forwarded this article to my 47 year old nephew who has stage 4 cancer. The cancer doctors have told him that they can nothing more for him so he is not receiving any treatments.
      Mildred Tally

  4. 4


    I have severe neuropathy in my feet, would this have the ability to regenerate nerves in my feet?
    Need a volunteer?

  5. 5

    Sally E.

    I am very willing to go for the research. I have heart issues, lung, kidney failure, and severed nerve causes chronic pain.

  6. 6

    Dionne Ellison

    Please send information about trials in 2019


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