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    “Our ancestors had to run CONSTANTLY to hunt game, or run from it for their lives.” A recent National Geographic report suggested a different portrait of our ancestors’ daily life. The reporter was imbedded in one of the last hunter gather tribes in Africa for one year. He found that the tribe rarely expended much energy and spent most of their days resting. Running was never constant, or we would have evolved more like cheetahs instead of ambush predators like leopards. Hunts consisted of long, very slow stalking forays. And like leopards humans cannot depend on outrunning any of the game they hunt. Nor can they escape by running from predators though they mostly surely tried. The day a human had to run from a predator was most likely his last day. Those are some of the reasons why intermittent training has become the preferred training regimen: short bursts of speed followed by long periods of rest…like our ancestors.

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    Alice Johnson

    I would like to believe it’s this easy but our bodies have surely evolved since our caveman days. My husband & I tried IF but it never kept any weight off. You would lose some on the fasting days but it just came right back when you ate even though we made a point to not overeat on non-fasting days.

    Then it’s hard to believe someone knows what they are talking about when they can’t even use grammar check & spellcheck. It’s shocking to me that nearly every webpage you read these days contain grammar & spelling errors plus just plain old typos! It’s sad.


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