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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with hundreds of published health articles. She also covers politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and paranormal topics. Jean is a popular guest on taboo-topic radio shows such as “Midnight in the Desert” and a regular news commentator on the Paralogian Report on Paraversal Universe Radio. Jean’s first book, UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases, is available on Amazon where reader feedback is always appreciated. For a fast-paced and forward thinking presentation to your group, contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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    Doris Cundiff

    I have every one of those symptoms but have been taking thyroid supplelents (synthroid) 200mcg) for years now due to low thyroid. I don’t sleep that many hours straight, but sleep 6, 8, 10 & also fall asleep in my chair especially after I have eaten. I climp stairs the exact same way. If I can’t grab both sides I have to do a few steps at a time. And very slowly. I get tired after walking just a little, but csn walk very slowly in a store with a grocery cart to lean on, for an hour or so. I am diabetic, have asthma, so take inhalers & inhaled steroids, so when my heart tate is always over 100 and if I exercise it can get to 140-160 with very little effort, and if I take my puffer during or before, it goes higher. Previously, when I complained to my endo about fatigue, (I didn’t think to mention the rest) , I thought my synthroid was too low, but it was on target. So he did a Vitamin D which was low and have been supplementing ever since. I am overweight but never had these problems my whole life till 2 years ago. Hypothyroid runs in my dads line of the family, and one person with diabetes on my moms. Seems diabetics tend to end up hypothyroid sort of frequently. I have had a cardiac workup, nothing abnormal for my age. So wonder if hypothyroidism (without having been treated as you have with radioactive iodine, causing the hypo condition), can be a part of Graves. Seems unlikely, but I was stunned when you listed all your symptoms because mine are the same!

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