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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with hundreds of published health articles. She also covers politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and paranormal topics. Jean is a popular guest on taboo-topic radio shows such as “Midnight in the Desert” and a regular news commentator on the Paralogian Report on Paraversal Universe Radio. Jean’s first book, UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases, is available on Amazon where reader feedback is always appreciated. For a fast-paced and forward thinking presentation to your group, contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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    Pat Young

    I work in a hospital that mandates that employees get the flu shot or wear a mask. If hospitals were REALLY worried that unvaccinated persons pose a risk to patients, they would demand that ALL visitors wear a mask the entire time that they are in the hospital!!!! Visitors spend a lot more one on one time with the patient than any hospital staff, and they often spend more “up close” time with the patient, hugging, kissing them, etc.

    Demanding that only unvaccinated hospital staff wear masks is quite simply PUNISHMENT for now complying. Since I don’t get the flu shot, I have found that it is very disconcerting for patients when I come into the room wearing a mask – it worries them, so I must explain that I only have to wear a mask because I don’t get the flu shot. It’s ridiculous. It’s NOT for patient safety – it’s only so the hospital gets money from the Government.

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    Fred Reiner

    I am amazed at the appellate court decision in this matter. This has nothing to do with a religious-based policy by the employer. It has everything to do with the health safety policy of an employer who is in the business of keeping its patients as safe and non-exposed to influenza as possible.
    Personally, I don’t agree with the plaintiff’s argument that the refusal to take the flu shot has anything to do with religion, but that is a personal view which I cannot contest.

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    Paul T.

    Sounds like Nazi Germany! Do as you’re told or else, I am 67 years old, have never had a flu shot, pneumonia shot or shingles shot and never will! These shots are nothing but a bunch of hog poop! I told my Doctor “You take the shots, I’m going home!” (I do take insulin however to control my diabetes, but that’s a little different story and of course it’s necessary!)

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    As a retired Fire Chief and EMT I can find no reason for one to not protect themselves from anything that could affect their well being or those who work in their presence. It was expected that all firefighters, EMT’s and support personal that were involved in any operation carried out under my command had complied in protective measures. No excuses were permitted. I have a concern when one works in the medical field refuses to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and fellow employees from a known killer that has killed thousands of people over the decades.

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    Joseph Bishop

    As a retired Fire Chief and EMT I expected all of my personnel to comply with all rules and regulations that applied to their well being, which included protection against known diseases. This was done to protect us and patients. I’m amazed that anyone in the medical field would object to all of the protection that is afforded to them. The flu has killed millions of people and yet we allow unprotected people to work in an environment that is constantly under attack from these known killers.


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