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Steve Goodman is an award winning writer with over 30 years of experience, specializing in medical and health related content. While studying journalism and communications, Mr. Goodman obtained practical knowledge of medicine and medical terminology working as a Paramedic in New York City. Steve is currently working as a Project Editor and Ghostwriter for the Health and Medical division of Forbes Advantage Books. Mr. Goodman’s work has appeared on broadcast networks such as PBS and Discovery, and featured in national magazines and peer reviewed journals. As the senior producer for the television series Living With... hosted by Dr. Arnot, and a regular contributor to WebMD and Life Extension magazine, he is quite familiar with writing on specific disease conditions, medical breakthroughs, and the use and efficacy of both natural and traditional medications and medical procedures. Mr. Goodman possesses a particular expertise in taking complex medical concepts and making them accessible to the lay audience. Recently, he has specialized in producing content on Anti-aging medicine, evidence based complementary and alternative practices, and the benefits of testosterone and growth hormone replacement therapies. He possesses an impressive body of work on these subject matters that includes print, web, and video content.

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    Sorry. I signed up for health and wellness information – not New Age mysticism and Eastern religion indoctrination.
    Please get back on track.

  2. 2


    New age mumbo jumbo psycho babble.

  3. 3



    I subscribed to this email for health and wellness information and have benefited from it; but indoctrination into new age metaphysical occultism under the guise of a health practice is offensive and out of bounds.

    I remember the awakening of love, peace, and metaphysical spirituality of the ’60’s all too well. I was there – knew personally many of the people who took exactly the same package that Mr. Goodman proselytizes here nation-wide.

    I see nothing except disoriented, damaged, or outright destroyed lives in their wake. The alluring and illusory short-term benefits morph into physical, mental, and spiritual destruction.

    I don’t doubt Mr. Goodman’s good intentions, but believe that he is deceived, and is unwittingly deceiving others. I wish him no ill will.

    Stand back from the claims of his florid prose in this article, and take a longer look: Rubbing rocks on your head and asking for your “third eye” to be opened is an invitation to what other belief systems would call demonic invasion. Please, for your own well-being, don’t go there.

    Far better, if you want to experience spiritual enlightenment and to live supernaturally in the natural world, go to God direct.

    The spirit of the living God can live inside you if lay your skepticism aside and just ask. And He won’t harm you.

    The health benefits can range from better general well-being to supernatural healing. I’ve experienced those things, too.

    In closing please forgive my proselyting here; I wouldn’t do so it except that I felt compelled to balance the discussion.

    And please, HealthEdge, stick to the task of informing us on health issues, which you do so well.

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    Martha Lambert

    Healthcare should include recognition of the whole person- including spirituality.
    This article is a nice start, but there’s more.

    I think it would be a good followup article to describe and embrace the mystic spiritual practices of the “religions” he dismissed because some people are disinchanted by them.

    Many well-repected health care institutions were founded on the positive spiritual values of caring for others – as inpired by the story of the Good Samaritan as recorded in the Bible as a parable spoken by Jesus Christ.


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