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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with hundreds of published health articles. She also covers politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and paranormal topics. Jean is a popular guest on taboo-topic radio shows such as “Midnight in the Desert” and a regular news commentator on the Paralogian Report on Paraversal Universe Radio. Jean’s first book, UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases, is available on Amazon where reader feedback is always appreciated. For a fast-paced and forward thinking presentation to your group, contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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  1. 1

    Carmenza Rojas-Reese

    Ms/Mr. Jean Broida,

    Thank you very much for publishing an easy explanation of the test results.\, Now I can understand the chemistry and physiological aspects of the results.

  2. 2

    Joanne Hunt

    Are you going to follow up on the second part of “The Health Edge, How to Read Blood Test Results”?


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