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    You described how I felt with this disease to a t! Nine weeks later, I still have some rash and an annoying itch, but no longer have pain. For seven weeks I had little sleep, my guess is this is the second worse symptom of this monster. I’m sure I’m one of the lucky ones, and for that I grateful, but I’d rather have endured another natural childbirth than have shingles!

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    It was May 8, 2017, and I started having terrible pain much like you described in my lower back from which I could get no relief. On May 11th the doctor diagnosed the cause of my pain as shingles!

    I thought, really, how could this be as I had the shingles injection? My brother had a horrible case of shingles and actually suffered with such pain that in 2012 I got the shingles vaccine to prevent this from happening to me – or so I thought!

    Now comes May 12th and my daughter mentioned to a doctors wife of my plight and she told my daughter about a patient they had the day before with shingles. This man had heard of a treatment performed in a foreign country and wondered if the doctor would do this for him. It was a simple matter of drawing 10cc of blood from his arm and injecting it in his hip. Doctor said yes, so the man actually drove up from down south for this injection and the miracle was that his shingles were already improving.

    My daughter asked if I would be interested in having this done and I said definitely would as they had prescribed medication that I could not take so I was left to let it run its painful course.

    Monday afternoon (one week after the pain began) I received my injection! The Miracle – by Friday my shingles were gone! Gone!

    However, the miracle didn’t stop there.

    My hands were becoming so crippled from arthritic that I never shook hands or permitted anyone to touch them as they hurt so awful and at night wore all kinds of pads on my fingers to keep them warm so they wouldn’t hurt.

    Now, it wasn’t immediate but gradually – after having this injection for my shingles – I noticed my fingers were not as painful and what’s more, they continued to improve. So much so that I could now hold a pencil and write legibly again.

    Who knew that having that horrible pain of the shingles would actually give me my hands back? God did! As my God works in mysterious ways His miracles to perform!

    Now when I say the pain is gone – I mean gone!!! If you have shingles find a doctor that will do this for you! It truly was a miracle!

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    I got shingles in the eye and brain. Unfortunately, the doctor did not put me in the hospital so I ended up suffering a few mini strokes. Thankfully, nothing permanent in damage. There was a nurse in the hospital at the same time with it and I understand he actually passed away from a stroke tied to his shingles. I have learned a great deal about the shingles because I have a lifetime of pain from it. I lost my sight after recovering from the shingles because it was still active in the eye. The medicine I was given did not work for the the eye and head. However, it does work if you have it somewhere else. My new doctor one of the leading cornea specialist in the nation said only Famvir worked for when it was in the eye and brain as the antiviral medicine.

    My experience was horrific. I was suffering shooting pains to the extent I would scream out of nowhere. My family would say, can’t you control that. The answer was no. It was like someone stabbing me with an ice pick in the side of the head. I begged my family to just take me in the backyard and shot me. I was serious. I found I would have to just go to bed to sleep through the unbearable pain. My head felt like it was going to explode. Nothing touched the headaches.

    After I lost my sight, I was told I would never see again. I had the worst case they had ever seen. My eye was completely white like someone had poured milk over it. I started steriod treatments and was told if I was on them too long I would definitely be blind and if I wasn’t on it I would be blind. I was also told that the steriods would make the shingles active again so I would have to take antiviral medicine to keep it pushed back. It was a balancing game. It didn’t seem much of a choice to me. I got on them and started doing visulization of taking the shingles out of my eye, seeing a healthy eye and removing all the damage into a bag and removing from my body. I did it ever day. I started eating everything I could that helped with having healthy eyes.

    I was so frightened this disease would attack my other eye that I asked about it. The doctors told me no. Well, it did exactly that. It turned out it was rare. It attacked the other eye when the steriods made it active. Luckily the medicines kept any damage from happening to my other eye.

    I can tell you I saw a dr. everyday trying to get my sight back and one dr. never told me how many times a day to do the drops but the cornea specialist did. My cornea specialist also told me, the other doctor did not specialize, that the drops should be brand not generic. She had done studies and generic drops were like putting nothing in your eye. I got on the brand and I know today that if I had not found her I would not be seeing today. So having two doctors on the case until I got confidence in one really saved me.

    Yes, I did in fact get my sight back. My doctor calls me a walking medical miracle and says they have no idea how I am seeing. I even got rid of the scaring in my eye. I, apparently, am one of the rare ones who could tell them exactly where it was in my eye. She said many patients do not even feel it when it is in their eye. I can tell you for me it felt like a sandspur in my eye and then later like a popcorn kernel-the sharp part like you feel when you get popcorn caught in your teeth.

    I did the visualization because of a story I had witnessed when I was 19 of a lady who had stage 4 colon cancer and she had visualized the army fighting her cancer, removing it out of her body and picturing her organs healthy. She became cancer free to the stunning disbelief of her oncologist. I thought I should apply that same concept to my eye. What did I have to lose?

    I found I had craved chocolate and peanuts when I was sick. Don’t do it. It just feds the beast. My nephew and niece even named it Seymour. He took on his own personification. My doctor suggested not to get a shingles shot in the future because they were too new and she actually had a patient who had lost their sight because they did not know they had it in the eye after getting a vaccine. So if your thinking about it, be sure and ask your doctor their thoughts. I can only tell you my experiences and knowledge I gained during my shingles nightmare.

    I can tell you I found relief with ice. You always hear ice is your friend for injuries. Well, ice was my friend against shingles. I iced my head and eye. I found when I was having shooting pains I could put ice and it would push it back. I also found relief with a coke icee. It seemed to freeze my brain and push back everything. I was also able after 4 years of treatment to get off of the steriods. Another feat in itself because if you get off of them to quickly you lose your sight. The dr. said no one as every gotten off of them without damage. I managed to do just that. After the dr told me if I was still on them I would be blind in ten years, I thought Oh h*** no, I am not going to let that happen. So if it was due at 10:00 am then I might go to 10:15 am and etc. I went until I felt my eye throbbing just a little bit and then did my drops. I used ice to help with the tiny bit of throbbing. I never let it get into full throbbing. It was my eye craving the narcotic eye drops. I only this after I had my sight completely back and was trying to get off the steriods. Otherwise, I followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter T. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I was able to gradually extend my time of getting off the drops eventutally working it where the drops were only needed once a day then once every few days and then eventually able to completely let go. I used ice packs on my eyes or those wonderful gel packs you put in the refrigerator to help with my situation.

    That is what worked for me but in no way is this advice on what you should do. Always consult your doctor and listen to your body. You know it best. I think we have the best radar of what is right with that inner voice which is your body telling you what it needs to function at it’s best. I just can tell you I am so thankful for ice because it truly is your friend and thankful I can see again.

    One last note, one thing my doctor was saying in her case studies she has done and seeeing is that healthy people are getting shingles from age 17 and up. So don’t discount it by age. See your doctor if you think you might have it. Time is so so important and to be sure you have the right medicine. You have to get in there and get on the meds for best results in the first 24 to 48 hours. Otherwise, you can end up with years of pain or possibly a lifetime of pain. Yes, the people who are getting it are healthy. Just another disease that seems to have mutated and change I guess or maybe our stress levels are high today or our cooping skills are not as good anymore. Another thing the doctors are learning is the shingles seem to attack in a weak area of your body or even where a family memeber had it. So keep that in mind and just take care of yourself and be the best you!


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