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How the UFC’s Alexander Volkanovski Lost 60 Pounds and Got Ripped

It’s 8 am and Alexander Volkanovski is already soaked in sweat. He punches out trap-bar deadlifts and launches into explosive squat jumps with a medicine ball clutched to his chest. He grimaces with effort. As he rattles through a set of barbell hip thrusts, it’s clear that Volkanovski doesn’t have the wiry physique of your standard featherweight.

While he may fight at 145 pounds, his build is undeniably stocky. Prior to UFC, when Aussie Volkanovski played semi-pro rugby league for the Warilla Gorillas as a rampaging prop, he weighed up to 213 pounds. And while he’s now conspicuously leaner, much of that front-row power remains coiled within his 5’6″ frame. Read more…

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