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    Dr. Richard Yurick

    You need to study what Jeffrey Smith says in his website ‘Institute for Responsible Technology.” Gm’so are affecting people’s health in an adverse way. Stop just looking at just one side of the story.
    Thank you. Dr. Richard Yurick, Nutritional Health Coach.

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      Kudos to you for being an honest doc. People also need to know that med school’s teach little about nutrition now unless a specialty such as yours. Docs can’t treat effectively without that knowledge and big pharma’s paid for that little perk. At least the media’s lost most of its credibility so with enough statements from docs and their patients, I’m inclined to think they’ll start to believe us. And BPA is but one more of those secret poisons that needs to be addressed as well.

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        Knock it off. GMO is just fine to eat. You are all being cry babies

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    Alan Douglas

    You still didn’t say why. The simple reason is that when you eat a food, its DNAdoes not replace your own. Your digestive process breaks down those organic compounds into simple building blocks that are then reassembled into whatever your body needs right now. If these foods contain fewer chemical pesticide residues, which are indigestible and float around inside until eliminated or stored in fat, muscle or bone, then that is a net gain, i.e. “healthier”. For example, digesting protein will be broken down in stages by a series od enzymes. When these components are available in in the correct proportions and they are available to cells undergoing repair they may be reassembled as a protein. Or they make go into the assembly of other cellular components, or made into glycogen, or stored as fats. The DNA does not survive, it gets denatured in cooking and exposure to stomach acids, further broken down by bile and only indigestible fiber might survive and it will be eliminated anyway.

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    I wish you should properly scientifically fully educated yourself before giving unscientific assertion.

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      lmao you watch a documentary and think you’re a scientist. grow up

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    My oncologist will tell a whole different story about that. Two cancers and I’ll be on daily chemo until it no longer works and I finally get to go home to Jesus. No cure, just a postponement of the inevitable. If the gov. didn’t know the truth, O wouldn’t have signed an order protecting Monsanto from future lawsuits. People don’t need a president’s protection unless they’re very aware of what poisons they’ve put out for the citizen’s of this country to consume. I wonder how much they paid the author to spew more trash about GMO’s actual affects on the human body. Funny thing is when you find a credible source, you’ll find most of those behind spreading this false propaganda are growing their own organics at home. No different than the many anti-gun libs that have their own weapons and cc hidden in their glass house.

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    Good job stepping AROUND some facts. You are right in saying these are easier for farmers (and the seed sellers) but here’s is what you missed:

    1) Probably the main reason they are “modified” is to make them resistant to herbicides (can you say Round Up?). The farmers don’t want to spray the stuff (understandable as it’s not healthy for humans too) and so once the plant is immune to it, they actually thickly coat the seeds with it. It is carried into the plant but doesn’t affect it… But what about the crops you then eat?
    2) You failed to mention that all of EU won’t allow GMOs. In fact it’s getting harder and harder for US crops to be sold internationally as more and more countries are banning them. But I guess the EU (and the world) didn’t read your article.
    3) You state that there’s no health affects from eating GMOs, but this kind of thing doesn’t kill fast. It takes decades to build up. If you look at the American condition, you DO notice some things: Food allergies are rampant. Crohn’s and other “gut” disease is rampant. Auto-immune disorders is rampant. I think much of these conditions have resulted (or at least greatly promoted) by the digestive “abuse” of the average American diet, including GMOs that contain herbicides.

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    Wheat used to be very tall, over 4 feet, waving in the breezes. Now it’s 18 inches. My body now is intolerant to wheat. I get foggy vision and thinking; aching bones, joints and muscles and inordinate fatigue. Didn’t 50 years ago. That’s my personal research.

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    This ultra-pro GMO article is certainly one of the most ignorant rants I’ve read in recent years…Monsanto themselves couldn’t have concocted a better set of deceptions. Fortunately, most of the problems with this article are covered by those posts already written. I thought this was a site on health awareness…this will be my last visit here…if HealthEdge is this far off on understanding GMOs, can they be trusted with any other health topic?

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      Debbie Pinkham-Salt

      I could not believe what I was reading William.

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    Explain how so much pesticide, herbicide,and insecticide sprays are used more on GMO crops. Also your not a farmer. Interbreeding of crops is NOT the same as altering the gene. I stopped eating GMO foods because they are UN-Natural. This cleared up the uncomfortable feeling after eating these crops and the digestive issues. I have grown my own crops which are GOD given varieties, that never cause any of these issues. The Bible says put nothing unnatural into your body. And GMO’s are not more nutritious. Do you accept anything from MONSANTO?

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    Read the book WHEAT BELLY, then tell me GMO’s don’t cause a detrimental difference in our human health. We are just now beginning to see the long term ramifications of altering almost ALL wheat supply in the entire world. There is a significant rise of colon, rectal, stomach cancers in the US in younger people (55 and under) that hasn’t been explained yet. Couple this with rising rates of Chron’s disease, Celiac disease, diabetes, inflammation related illnesses…..and much of this disease points back to genetically modified wheat which began as a solution to solve world hunger in the late 70’s-80’s. While the motive was a good one, we are just now beginning to see the ramifications of this manipulation. I am speaking as a healthy person who exercised almost daily who was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer at age 54, with no family history, no smoking, good eating habits, etc. We MUST go back to eating clean, simple foods if we wish to survive.


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