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    I question the inclusion of eggs as throw away items if not refrigerated. In Europe the eggs in stores are not refrigerated at all.

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    This scenario happened to me in some remarkable instances: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Rita was the worst in my area (Houston TX) and many were without power for some time. Currently I am in a non-hurricane locale (Arizona) but, conversely, Ive had more power outages here than in Texas. Everyone with half a brain or more knows to try to keep cold foods cold and to cook all the “expirables”. First thing that everyone did/does is break out the Hibachi & get cooking!
    One memorable power outage which lasted over four hours during a violent storm in Phoenix which happened at night and caused quite a bit of street flooding, the basketball courts in apartment complexes came alive. Men, boys played all night and the many flashes of lightning served as “court lights”.

    Everyone fears pandemonium strikes during a power outage or other mass SHTF occurence. Not so. During the Houston hurricane, not only was the public orderly, but they were actually more so- everyone became more friendly, helpful and offered help to strangers not normally one would offer help to in a situation. People- of all economic stratus opened their homes up to total strangers. It was really something. This could have been a Texas thing, but I find most people didn’t commit more crime, or take advantage of the power being out to do wrong, in fact the opposite I found to be true.

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    The more I read your site, the more thankful I stumbled across it. These recent posts on prudence are welcome. Thank you.

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    These recent posts on prudence are welcome. Thank you.


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