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Jean Broida is a freelance writer with hundreds of published health articles. She also covers politics, climate, technology, finance, conspiracies, and paranormal topics. Jean is a popular guest on taboo-topic radio shows such as “Midnight in the Desert” and a regular news commentator on the Paralogian Report on Paraversal Universe Radio. Jean’s first book, UNKNOWN OBJECTS: The Top Ten U.S. UFO Cases, is available on Amazon where reader feedback is always appreciated. For a fast-paced and forward thinking presentation to your group, contact Jean@LightWork111.com.

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  1. 1

    James harrigan

    Thank you for this info.

  2. 2

    Emile Burgess

    Is there a typo in this quotation? Doesn’t seem to square with the point you were making about the benefits of slower breathing.
    “If you’re breathing very slow and relaxed, your ability to pull in more oxygen will be reduced, which will limit your ability to perform aerobic work,” affirmed Somerset.
    Thanks for the article. I learned stuff.

  3. 3

    Roger Engstrom

    I have seasonal allergies which peak in the late summer and early autumn. I would love to be a ‘Nose’ breather, but when exercising/jogging I rely on mouth breathing to sustain a comfort level, rather than feeling oxygen deprived.


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