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    Yes they did. Virus was created and prepped to be unleashed on the public. Read event 201. Self explanatory.

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    Yes, very likely. 2 Possible scenarios:

    1. Step 1 in Gates’ plan to control (decrease) the population

    2. An experiment on how mass produced fear and panic can make a global population willingly take directions (be under the control of) a centralized global government ‘for health reasons’.

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      Yes, Gates has patents in viruses and there lots of info on meetings that he had on iTunes. Also he was kicked out off India regarding his poison vaccines injected into many children. His population control.
      Very scary for all of us in the US.

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      Yes, you are correct. What a terrible way to end the freedom of the US.
      I am sure they all know in the higher ups.
      Get rid of the poor and vulnerable.

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    Yes, it’s possible that COVID-19 was unleashed on purpose, to dispose of those with impaired immune systems.
    I also heard rumors that viruses are being created to selectively dispose of certain “undesirable” segments of the population, such as Slavs, by targeting specific DNA attributes. In other words, viruses may be created to get rid of groups which undermine the creation of a subservient global population.


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