5 Things Dietitians Eat When They Want to Boost Their Mood

You probably already know that what you eat and drink can influence your mental wellness. From daily stressors to anxiety, depression, ADHD and chronic stress, the nutrients you put into your body have the potential to help, or hinder, how you feel and think.

With this in mind we asked a handful of dietitians what they rely on for a mood boost. Here are the top mood-boosting foods, according to dietitians.

1. Eggs

“First, they’re so quick to make, so it’s an easy lift with nearly instant gratification. Plus, I know I’m getting vitamin D, which is hard to get enough of from food. There is a well-established link between vitamin D status and depression, says Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, a nutrition expert and author of “Smoothies & Juices.” Read more…

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