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Antibiotic Overuse Could Kill Millions, Unless…

A new generation of superweeds have been identified that are resistant to pesticides to which they have never been exposed – antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi threaten to kill millions of people worldwide in a few years’ time.

Established authorities are responding to these threats with more of the same: new weedkillers! New drugs! New Antifungals!

We must pivot to sustainable approaches grounded in regenerative health and regenerative agriculture – that is, rather than treating sickness and destroying weeds with chemicals, we create healthy, resilient environments in the soil and the human body.

Weeds are evolving faster than the biotech industry can come up with new products, and in just 10 years’ time we may be at a point when weedkillers cease to be effective. A New York Times Magazine article provides stunning details of the explosive growth of Palmer amaranth, some populations of which are resistant to at least six different herbicides. Read more…

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