Big Pharma Profits From “Trans Identity”

Toxic masculinity, white fragility, five distinct classes of anxiety disorders, 7 classes of depression, “gender dysphoria” even in children as young as 2 years old- these are the products of medicalization…

Here is how the process works in the context of “gender dysphoria”- a diagnosis, incidentally, which did not exist in clinical literature until 2013:

  • Young person feels insecure and unsure of their identity as they emerge from the cocoon of childhood into adulthood
  • Young person visits a psychiatrist and becomes a patient
  • Psychiatrist makes a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis according to the industry standard DMS-V. Young person now has a diagnosed psychiatric disorder which did not exist 8 years ago
  • Psychiatrist prescribes medication, the first and most common route of “treatment” (when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail)
  • Young patient pays for and receives gender transition “therapy” with no red tape attached. The standard stages of “treatment” for gender dysphoria go like this:
    • Stage 1, puberty suppression
    • Stage 2, gender-affirming hormones
    • Stage 3, gender-affirming surgery
  • Doctors get paid.
  • The pharmaceutical corporations that produce the irreversible puberty blockers and hormones used in “therapy” get paid
  • Politicians who set the laws pertaining to transition “therapy” get their campaigns funded to the tune of billions of dollars in “donations” (read: investments) from said multinational pharmaceutical corporations
  • The government regulatory authorities – for example, Health and Human Services – theoretically responsible for policing said pharmaceutical manufacturers leave office and take up multi-million-dollar lobbying gigs at the companies they were previously tasked with regulating. This phenomenon is known as the public-to-private sector “revolving door”

All across the West- North America, Western Europe, Oceania- referrals for teenagers to receive hormone therapy have skyrocketed exponentially in the past 10 years. Read more…

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