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Colorado Hospital Denies Transplant to Unvaxxed Woman

Now that vaccines are widely available and 56% of the US population is vaccinated… a little less than half of the country is unvaxxed and subjected to shocking and dehumanizing discrimination, making life very stressful.

Across the country, the hot-button subject entering the fall is COVID vaccination passes for restaurants and football stadiums in certain cities, counties, and or even states. This has made life painful for the unvaxxed… who can’t go to their favorite eatery or cheer on their favorite sports team.

However, the latest discrimination story of an unvaxxed person is terrifying.

A Colorado woman with stage 5 kidney failure is scrambling to find a new hospital because she and her donor are unvaxxed, and the hospital system has given them 30 days to get vaccinated or be taken off the transplant list.

UCHealth, a healthcare system headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, adopted new transplant rules requiring patients to be fully vaccinated. Read more…

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