Don’t Underestimate Resistance Bands for Triceps

Resistance Band Triceps Exercises:
Think resistance bands are just a temporary replacement for cable exercises? Well, you’re wrong. Bands are indeed a good option for limited equipment workouts, but they also offer some unique benefits. Here are five banded triceps exercises you should try.

1. Dual Band Triceps Extension

Using two bands puts you in a good position to hit your triceps hard while better aligning force through your elbows. Keeping your hands inside the bands also provides added comfort and a “grip-less” feel when blasting your triceps. Throw a couple of bands up high (a rack, pull-up bar, door anchor) and get to work.

2. Dual Band Triceps Pushdown (bands in front)

Compared to using a single band, this technique is better suited for when your triceps are screaming out for more weight. Most lifters find these more comfortable than just a single (thicker) band. The high resistance also feels a little smoother. Read more…

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