Eating Tips Before Your Workout

Nutrex athlete and IFBB Pro, Samantha Jerring, gives M&S a sneak peek at what her pre-workout nutrition looks like before she heads deep into her 2022 Olympia Prep!
Nutrex athlete and IFBB Pro, Samantha Jerring, walks us through her pre-workout meal of choice.

After visiting several restaurants and tasting their chicken, Samantha finally figured out the keys to perfecting the way it’s cooked for better digestibility and taste.

Today, she walks us through the steps she takes to knock out her quick and easy pre-workout meal, and explains why she prefers cream of rice as her pre-workout carbohydrate of choice.

Plus, she shares which bodybuilding meal she’d choose to eat if she could only eat one for the rest of her life. Read more…

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