Eating Tons of Protein Won’t Make You Fat

I’ve been working my glutes a lot lately. It does seem to be, after all, the body part of the moment, and not just for women. Besides, I’d been neglecting them for too long. How could it be otherwise since the only time I really see the damn things is when I’m in Macy’s trying on a new pair of chinos and I’m lucky enough to nab the big dressing room with the 3-panel mirrors?

In any event, after a futile month, it struck me: I was still in my summer diet mode. I wasn’t eating enough to grow anything, let alone my wanna-be Instagram-worthy bootie.

You can’t build a house without bricks, right? And neither can you build a more muscular butt or muscular anything without extra protein. You also most likely need to take in calories above and beyond maintenance levels. Read more…

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