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Everything to Know About Medicinal Plants

Bacteria tend to develop resistance to industrial antibiotics sooner or later, but this isn’t the case with herbal antibiotics. Herbal antibiotics work in a way where bacteria resistance becomes unlikely, even futile.

Medicinal plants, including herbal antibiotics, have been used in the management of infectious diseases since ancient times. In modern times, the effectiveness of many of these remedies has been proven in scientific methodologies. While these mechanisms focused on plant-derived remedies are not fully understood, the fact remains that herbal medicine is effective in curing infectious diseases, and many plants are beneficial against illnesses.

Plants such as garlic and aloe vera are used as natural antibiotics for relief in burns, and respiratory tract infections. They are also known to enhance the immune system and even lower blood pressure. When the immune system is weak, unwanted microbes can infect and thrive in or outside our bodies, and the microbial activities of microorganisms can cause infections.

While not all bacteria are harmful, various strains of the same bacteria can cause symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Natural antibiotics such as herbs and spices have the desired properties that minimize the spread of harmful microbes in the body. Read more…

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