Get Shredded: Add Abs and Forearms Now

Abs and forearms are two muscle groups that don’t have the most fun of exercises to target them. They are usually obscure, high rep movements that the average heavy lifter isn’t overly excited for. I’m sure there is someone out there who loves wrist curls and bicycles, but I know many, like myself, would rather train these muscles in a more exciting fashion. One simple way to do this is to slot them inside your current workout routine. Keep reading to learn how and where to fit forearm and ab training into your lifts.

All About Bracing
Bracing your core in lifts like the squat, military press, deadlift, and any other standing exercise is key to getting your abs activated. It is also key to performing these exercises safely and efficiently. To do this, breathe deeply into your stomach, and feel it tighten with air. Next, hold that air tight while you perform the rep. After the rep, release this breath and repeat with a new one. This will ensure that your abs are wholly engaged in a process that is essential for boosting your performance, preventing injury, and dynamically building your abdominals.

Up The Weight
Getting forearm training in is much more straightforward. It’s all about holding heavy weights and not letting go. Heavy weighted exercises in which you are using a pronated grip will greatly tax your forearms. As the muscle try to resist letting go of the weight, they will be building grip strength. Read more…

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