Here’s Why You Need “Trace Minerals” to Boost Your Overall Well-Being

The human body needs minerals to function properly. In fact, there are two types of minerals- macrominerals and trace minerals. The body needs macrominerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and sulfur, in large amounts; hence the name.

Although the body only needs a small amount of trace minerals, they still play a vital role in the human body. In fact, the National Institutes of Health says as much as 75 percent of American households do not meet the recommended daily allowances for trace minerals.

Trace minerals are important, as they help with many vital functions. Given their importance, add healthy foods that are rich in these trace minerals to your regular diet.

Here are some trace minerals that the body needs to function properly. It’s worth noting that while iron is considered a trace mineral, the amount needed is more than other microminerals. They include iron, selenium, zinc, and others. Read more…

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