How Baking Soda Protects Against Cold and Flu

Part of the way your body keeps itself healthy is by maintaining balanced pH levels, which is one mechanism to ward off disease. And one safe and inexpensive thing you can take to help the process along is simple baking soda…

Mixing two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with a teaspoon of baking soda can provide quick relief for the condition, as the concoction alkalizes urine and neutralizes uric acid.

Whenever the body is in a state of acidity for any reason – acidity causes disease, just to be clear – baking soda can be taken to help neutralize it with its alkalizing properties.

“Health problems, disease and sickness typically abound when your body is overly acidic so it is important to keep it within a healthy pH range,” one of our writers reported at the time.

There are many other things baking soda can be used for as well, including as a natural cleaning agency, an itch remedy for bug bites and poison ivy, a treatment for candida imbalances that result in yeast infections, and even as a cleansing agent for the face and skin. Read more…

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