How Conventional Medicine Kills, and What to Do About It

Hospitals are jacking up prices, but an entirely new health care system is being built incorporating the best of allopathic and natural medicine. The best part: You can take your bills and reduce them by up to 12x by paying for what the services actually cost.

In “Dying to be Free: How America’s Ruling Class Is Killing and Bankrupting Americans, and What to Do About It,” Dr. Leland Stillman shares his views on conventional and alternative health care systems, and how an entirely new health care system can, and is, being built that is focused on maintaining health rather than managing disease.

Emergency care medicine can make you better in a short amount of time, but 99% of the people in the ER and the urgent care wouldn’t be there if they had a healthy environment, a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. Read more…

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