How to Best Shake Up Your Gym Routine

So you’ve made lifting into a consistent practice. We love to see it! There truly is no better habit you can pick up for your physical and mental health. The only issue with consistency is that it can sometimes create plateaus. There will come a point where you all of the sudden stop making the gains you had become accustomed to. Your strength may have flatlined or even dipped. This seemingly shouldn’t be happening, but the results don’t lie. Thankfully, progressing past these inevitable plateaus is readily possible, and by following the three tips down below, you can do so as soon as your next gym session.

The first step towards getting through a stale routine involves taking a step back. Reflecting on and analyzing your current routine will allow you to best understand what areas are bottlenecking your progression. Are you having trouble with the lockout on your bench? It could be weak triceps that need addressing. Has it been a while since your last squat PR? Maybe your legs aren’t being given enough recovery time in between sessions. Spending time diagnosing the problems in your routine will help you come up with the most effective solutions. Read more…

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