How to Fix Rib Flaring Posture Imbalance

The rib flaring postural imbalance is one of the more common and overlooked postural imbalances in the human body. Read this article to learn how to fix it.

Do your ribs protrude out 1-2 inches in front of the rest of your body?

Do you experience any type of musculoskeletal pain on a regular basis?

If so, this article is for you! If you’re wondering, “what the heck is a rib flare anyway?” then this article is also for you. Rib flare is one of the most common dysfunctions I see, yet so few people talk about it.

Many coaches and physical therapists discuss, at length, the importance of “proper posture”.

They cite phrases like “hyperextension,” “lordosis,” “kyphosis,” “forward head posture,” “slouching,” and dozens of other buzzwords that incite concern within the client. Many of these phrases effectively mean the same thing, or they go hand-in-hand. Read more…

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