New Study Finds Link Between Nutrition and Physical, Cognitive Performance

A recent study1 conducted in collaboration with Abbott (Columbus, OH), University of Illinois, and the U.S. Air Force, found that proper nutrition is directly linked with physical and cognitive performance. In the randomized controlled trial, 148 active duty Air Force Airmen were given either two 8 fluid ounce servings per day of a peach-flavored nutrition supplement or placebo 12 weeks during regimen of high-intensity interval aerobic fitness and strength training. The supplement, designed by Abbott, was comprised of protein, β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate (HMB), lutein, phospholipids, DHA and selected micronutrients including B12 and folic acid.

Results showed that physical training alone changed 61% of the assessment metrics. Five out six of the physical fitness measures and four of the eight cognitive measures improved from pre- to post-intervention. The five physical measures were power, strength and endurance, mobility and stability, heart rate and lean muscle mass, and the four cognitive measures were episodic memory, fluid intelligence accuracy, executive function reaction time and processing efficiency. Read more…

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