“Nutrition hacking”: Innovation Takes Protein Enrichment Across Categories

Innovation in taste and texture has propelled protein-fortified F&B into a range of applications beyond sports nutrition. FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with key suppliers about the growing trend for protein-enriched foods and the technologies that make them popular among mainstream consumers.

“Protein fortification affects all sectors,” says Elodie Macariou, senior product manager at Lactalis Ingredients.

“The number of new products launched with a ‘high protein’ claim is increasing by almost 20 percent per year,” she says.

This robust increase can be attributed to “strong innovation” in the category, according to Mathias Toft Vangsoe, health & performance nutrition development manager at Arla Foods Ingredients.

“If we go back ten years or so, protein-fortified products were usually rock-solid bars or bad-tasting thick powders for hardcore gym-goers. Now whey proteins can be delivered in refreshing clear and fruity shake applications, clear ready-to-drink (RTDs) or iced teas, or in soft indulgent bars and snacks,” he says. Read more…

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