Ryan Reynolds’ Muscle-Building Diet Is Surprisingly Easy to Follow

But it”s not without hard work in the gym and the kitchen that Reynolds has achieved and continues to maintain his physique (sorry, no diet can help you build humor or charm).

The multi-time Men’s Health cover star has appeared Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and the forthcoming Deadpool 3, as a super-ripped superhero. And, each time, it’s as if the actor finds new ways to build more strength and muscle.

Which leads you to question: How does this guy do it?

Well, it helps that he has a celebrity trainer and a ton of money to plunk down on his diet, but there are plenty of actors who could leverage those same factors.

Celebrities have been known to go overboard on diets and exercise plans—to the point where it might be worrisome from a health standpoint for the average guy to try to replicate them. Read more…

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