Secret Thyroid Pill Supercharges Your Testosterone!

Forskolin is known for its ability to elevate thyroid hormone levels and testosterone, which naturally enhances fat-burning and promotes lean body mass. Various studies have demonstrated these benefits across different demographics. For example, in a 12-week trial involving male subjects, there was a notable 17% increase in total testosterone, contrasting sharply with a 1% decrease in the placebo group. Similarly, female participants in an 8-week study lost an average of 9 pounds of body weight while gaining lean body mass, even without engaging in weight training.

In another study, both men and women experienced significant changes over 12 weeks, shedding 3 pounds of fat while increasing their lean body mass without any weight training. Furthermore, a mixed-sex group of 50 test subjects showed a 2% increase in lean body mass and a reduction in mean body fat from 36% to 34%. These studies highlight forskolin’s potential to improve body composition and overall health metrics without the need for additional exercise or dietary changes.

Beyond its effects on body composition, forskolin has been shown to enhance heart health by strengthening heart muscle contractions and reducing blood pressure. Its bronchodilator properties also make it a potential treatment for asthma, as it helps to widen the airways in the lungs. These additional benefits underline forskolin’s multifaceted impact on health.

The studies mentioned used plain forskolin in small doses. Had the researchers employed the more bioavailable and longer-lasting form, forskolin carbonate, the results might have been even more impressive. Forskolin 1,9-carbonate, found in Carbolin 19, offers a purer and more consistent form of the compound, potentially providing greater benefits.

Forskolin works by stimulating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, which increases the cellular messenger cyclic AMP (cAMP). This interaction lowers blood pressure, inhibits platelet aggregation, promotes vasodilation, enhances bronchodilation, and most importantly, increases thyroid hormone secretion and accelerates lipolysis (fat burning). Increased levels of cAMP also activate protein kinase, which further promotes the breakdown of triglycerides, the building blocks of fatty tissue.

The increase in cAMP levels not only boosts fat loss but also mimics the effects of mild calorie restriction and exercise. When combined with actual physical activity, forskolin’s benefits are significantly amplified. In addition to breaking down fat, forskolin also boosts lean body mass by increasing intra-testicular cAMP levels, which mimics luteinizing hormone and leads to higher testosterone production. This dual action of increasing both testosterone and cAMP levels in skeletal muscle enhances protein synthesis, contributing to further gains in lean body mass.

For maximum benefits, it’s essential to use a standardized and potent form of forskolin. Conventional supplements made from ground-up parts of the plant suffer from inconsistencies in potency and absorption. By extracting and purifying forskolin 1,9-carbonate, a highly pure and consistent product is obtained, extending the duration of action and improving bioavailability. Combining this with a nutrient delivery system ensures that the body can effectively absorb and utilize the compound. This comprehensive approach is how Carbolin 19 is formulated, offering a reliable and potent forskolin supplement.

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