Sticking to Healthy Diet on a Busy Schedule

There are many different reasons why your schedule could be hectic. Maybe you have recently become a father, so there’s a baby often crying for attention. Perhaps you are running a business and rushing to meet all of your clients’ demands. If you seem to find yourself constantly short of time, then whatever the actual reasons why, efforts to keep your food healthy could too easily go out of the window. Here are some tips for preventing yourself nutritionally going off the rails.

Blend up some succulent smoothies:

Smoothies can be very exciting, not least because you can have a lot of control over what goes in them. Therefore, many of the best ingredients for your dream smoothie might already be in your house – and this would take away the need for you to make a trip just to buy them. CEO and entrepreneur Chelsea Berler advises, in a HuffPost article, that your base for a smoothie should always be cucumbers. However, besides that, you largely have free rein in picking the ingredients. Read more…

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