Study: 90min Naps Boost Motor Skills, Memory

A new study shows that napping for 90 minutes can boost motor skills and memory, helping both the body and the mind.

Researchers at Northwestern University have found that sleep can enhance a person’s ability to learn challenging motor tasks as it helps the brain in processing and focusing on a new skill. In their study, the researchers found that the participants were able to perform faster and more efficiently than if they did not get extra rest.

During the experiment, the researchers asked the participants to perform challenging motor tasks through a computer game. The authors paired each command to move the cursor in a particular direction with a unique sound. After practicing, participants played the game blindfolded and moved the cursor based on the corresponding sounds alone.

Some of the participants were then asked to take a 90-minute nap and were able to perform the motions better than those who did not. The team believes this approach could enhance rehabilitation therapies for stroke patients and other neurological disorders. Read more…

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