Ten Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Energy Now

As humans, we are not just physical and emotional beings…we are spiritual beings. We must take care of all three components of ourselves, practicing compassion and balance in order to truly enjoy the gift of life to its fullest. The following is a list of ten simple ways to increase your life energy now, restore balance and find joy and peace amidst the world’s busy pace. We each have the power!

1. Breathe. Seems silly, but many of us do not notice our breath. Our breath is our LIFE, yet when we are stressed or rushed it is not uncommon to shallow our breathing which deprives our cells of precious oxygen. Take a moment right now to take a deep inhale of life giving oxygen all the way in through your nose and exhale all of the toxins out. Each breath cleans our bodies and nourishes our cells.

2. Get some fresh air. All day, every day! Fresh, circulating air…the smell of trees, the sounds of birds and leaves, the sun…these are here by no mistake. Our bio-rhythms depend on these elements. Everyone can make time for a few minutes outside between tasks, a walk or even simply opening a window. This simple act connects us the our environment, reminds us that we are all part of a greater whole, restores our energy and helps us establish and keep regular healthy sleep patterns. Read more…

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