Testosterone Linked to…Honesty? Oh Yes.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been examining the male hormone testosterone in depth, with a focus on the epidemic of low testosterone that has rendered modern men noticeably less masculine than their counterparts just a few decades ago. This epidemic may even, if some scientists are to be believed, be putting the very continuation of the species at risk…

It stands to reason – or at least it doesn’t offend common sense – that a man who feels more secure in his masculinity is probably less likely to behave badly, and the two studies mentioned above do go some way towards substantiating this, while also leaving us in no doubt that the relationship between biological factors and behaviour is complicated, even before we begin to consider other factors like environmental and social causes.

Clearly, increasing your testosterone levels will affect the way that you feel, and changes to the way that you feel will affect the way you behave in the world. Just visit Reddit and look at any one of a myriad of positive testimonies from low T men who’ve gone on TRT, for instance. Read more…

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