The 3 Most Effective Workout Routines For Men Over 40

Easy Workouts

In this short guide of the most effective workout routines for men over 40, I’m going to show you which routines will allow you to train smart and safe as you get into your 40’s, 50’s or older. As we age, our reason for working out changes, right? We go from wanting the beach muscles in our 20’s, to wanting to be strong and functional in our 40’s and over.

It’s no longer about flexing. It’s about being able to play with your kids and move around without aches and pains. I remember when I first started looking for workout routines 20+ years ago. I would thumb through fitness magazines and books looking for different exercises to try. Even back then, the amount of information on workouts was completely overwhelming.

Today, with the internet, there are literally thousands of different workouts you can try. Read more…

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