What Doctors Say About Outdoor Masking

A respected health expert in Idaho said, “it is an absolute insanity to wear a mask outside” during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“The virus is fragile. It doesn’t live outside. UV light fractionates it, kills it, blows it apart. Ventilation and wind blow it away,” said Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO of Cole Diagnostics – one of the largest independent laboratories in the state.

“That’s science. There is not one study that has shown any super-spreader event to have occurred outside. They have all been indoors with poor ventilation.”

Speaking in front of a government body, Cole emphasized the importance of vitamin D during these times. (Related: ‘Vitamin D Guide’ infographic explains importance of vitamin D for optimal health.)

“The best mask of all is a healthy immune system,” he said. “And a healthy immune system does not occur if you don’t have (vitamin) D in normal range. Vitamin D is the key to having a healthy immune system.”

According to Cole, established world data shows that normal vitamin D levels decrease COVID symptom severity and risk for hospitalization by up to 90 percent. Normal vitamin D levels also decrease rates of colon, breast and thyroid cancers, as well as depression and suicide rates.

“If you are vitamin D deficient, you are susceptible to the common cold, the flu, coronavirus of any sort, bacterial pneumonia,” he said. Read more…

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