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Avoiding Dementia’s Culprit: Canola Oil

All dementia cases have a concurring theme, where the specialized cells in the brain that process and transmit information using chemical and electrical signals are disrupted and dying. Entire networks break down as their connections are clotting and clogged up with plaques, leading to brain cell suicide, also known as brain atrophy. Once this becomes widespread, brain volume is significantly decreased, and what follows is massive memory loss. That’s where evil canola oil comes in.

All canola oil, whether conventional, organic, or cold-pressed, coagulates over time, causing weight gain and memory loss, and here’s how. Canola oil causes plaques, clumps and build-ups between neurons, creating neurofibrillary tangles in the brain, leading to memory loss and early onset dementia, not to mention rapid weight gain, according to an in-depth study published by NIH.

Yet, most people eat canola oil every day, nearly every meal. Read more…

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