Best Foods for Gaining Muscle

Muscle growth is no easy task. It is a long process that involves consistent bouts of intense resistance training over the course of many weeks, paired with a consistent caloric surplus. Lifters often find that the latter element is the more difficult part of the bulking journey. To help make things easier, we’ve compiled some of the best macronutrient sources to include in your meal plan. These foods are some of the most reliable for adding lean muscle and increasing exercise performance. Get your diet in top shape, and let the muscle mass roll in.

High calorie sources:
Now, we’re sure you’ve probably heard the old adage of calories in calories out. This is spouted as fitness gospel all around, but mainly because it’s simple, and it works. Muscle gain requires the body to be in a caloric surplus, which requires a lot of food for some. Eating your bodyweight in red meat or other animal protein sources isn’t going to be the most optimal way of getting this done though. Focusing on calorie-dense options will make this whole journey that much easier, keeping your body in an anabolic state. Read more…

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