Body Like A God: A Complete Bodyweight Muscle Building Plan

No equipment or gym? No problem. Build muscle at home with this classic bodyweight training system. This is a flexible training system that focuses on the use of exercise complexes. With all of the latest marketed fitness gadgets, programs and miracle pills in full swing it’s easy to get a bit flustered when it comes to your own plans to get in shape or get into better shape. The six-pack this and the ultimate toner that all promise to get you results in as little time as possible without any regard to true, honest reasoning.

The athletes and military of the Ancient Greeks possessed some of the most athletic, muscular and functional bodies in recorded history without the “help” of these quick fixes. Sure, they also didn’t have the endless supply of processed food and Xbox, but they did display some of the most impressive bodies capable of incredible athletic feats of strength, stamina and endurance.

What was their secret? How did they build these mythic bodies on comparatively little food, no supplements and not to mention the absence of a single weight room? Read more…

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