Coffee: Just as Healthy as Vegetables

Another family dinner. Uncle Uno (hey, we’re Finnish; we’ve got funny names) is sitting across the table from me as the various dishes are passed around. Uno partakes liberally of the meat and carb dishes, but passes on the salad. He actually swears at the green beans as they glide by. He practically threatens to take up arms against the rutabaga casserole.

Yep, even rutabaga, a Finnish staple!

Uno clearly doesn’t like fruits or vegetables (except for boiled potatoes), yet, surprisingly, he appears healthy. He’s lean, energetic, and he doesn’t have any chronic diseases or ailments, and I can’t remember him ever being sick.

But what Uno does partake of, liberally, is coffee. You rarely see him without a cup in his hand. Most of us think it’s a form of ballast and if you took the coffee cup away from him, he’d float back to Finland, shaking his fist at all of us as he drifted away. You probably have an Uno or two or three in your life. Read more…

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