Grass-Fed: Here’s What’s In the Name

Despite having similar Nutrition Facts panels, plant-based meat and grass-fed meat have “large nutritional differences,” according to a study published in the journal Nature, which found the nutrients differed by 90%.

The authors of the research were unable to determine from the data which product is “healthier,” but they did conclude the nutritional differences suggest meat alternatives – which include popular brands like Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger – and grass-fed meat are not “nutritionally interchangeable.”

The study’s lead author, Stephan van Vliet, Ph.D., a nutrition scientist at the Duke University School of Medicine, told The Defender:

“While both meat and plant foods can provide important nutrients, it is important for consumers to realize that meat and plant-based meat alternatives are not one-to-one nutritional replacement, despite what their almost identical Nutrition Facts panels may suggest.” Read more…

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