Here Are 37 Amazing Facts About the Human Body

Your body is amazing: It’s home to every memory you’ve ever made, it gets you where you’re going every day, and it’s the only permanent home you’ll ever really know. And while you may have a bunch of cool body tricks up your sleeve—whether you can flip your eyelids inside out or have mastered the art of the tongue roll—there are tons more weird facts about the human body sure to amaze you.

Wondering just what’s so amazing about your physical being? Read on to discover all of the remarkable feats you’re accomplishing every day without even realizing it.

1. You’ll have a brand-new skeleton in 10 years:
Your skeletal system’s cells are constantly regenerating and, on average, the bones you have now will have completely regenerated in about a decade’s time. This does start to slow down as you age, however, with regeneration taking longer, causing bones to naturally become thinner. Read more…

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Chris Davis