No, 1-in-5 Women Aren’t Raped in College

The United States is not a rape culture. I understand this is an unpopular and provocative opinion, but hear me out.

For years, powerful and influential organizations, activists, institutions, and even the president of the United States have touted the idea that “rape culture” is a widespread problem in this country.

We’re told that it’s ingrained into the very fabric of our society, especially where our youth spend what’s supposed to be the best four years of their lives – college. However, when we further examine what it means to live in a rape culture and break down the dishonest statistics surrounding sexual assault on college campuses, you’ll find that the reality of the situation is very different from the rhetoric surrounding it…

Even more problematic than disingenuous arguments is the manipulation of statistics to fearmonger and put public pressure on college campuses, as well as the law, to weaken due process based on hearsay. We’ve all heard the ever-so-popular claim that “1 in 4 women will be raped during college.” Read more…

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