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Plant-Based “Meat” Still Fails to Deliver

Both plant-based meat major players, Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, saw their sales take a tumble as hype surrounding their plant-based meat replacement failed to live up to expectations…

In addition to Impossible Food’s woes, Beyond Meat is yet to turn an annual profit despite two quarters showing promise…

A recent study found that almost three-quarters of Australian men would rather die 10 years early than cut out meat.

Texas lawmakers zeroed in on plant-based meats and passed a bill demanding plant-based meat companies to drop meat-related labels such as “beef” or “chicken” as it is deemed to be misleading to consumers.

There is a cause for concern as there appears to be an inorganic push to promote plant-based “meat” over the real thing. Plant-based substitutes are loaded with vegetable oils and phytoestrogens while failing to provide equal nutrition.

A low-fat vegetarian diet is also linked with significantly lowered testosterone levels. Animal fat is necessary for a healthy, functioning brain. Read more…

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