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Revolutionary Discovery: The Ultimate Natural Body Transformation Solution

There’s often a quest for an easy fix among those looking to achieve the benefits of diet and exercise without putting in the actual work. Although we’re not quite there yet, there’s a substance derived from the herb coleus forskohlii, known as forskolin, that seems to come close to fulfilling this desire more than almost anything else.

Forskolin’s active ingredient stimulates the production of an enzyme called adenylate cyclase, which in turn elevates the levels of a cellular messenger known as cyclic AMP (cAMP). These increased levels of cAMP trigger several physiological effects that are typically associated with dieting and exercising, including enhanced fat burning, increased muscle mass, improved hormone levels, and various cardiovascular benefits such as lowered blood pressure and improved blood flow.

Studies have demonstrated forskolin’s significant impacts, showcasing increased testosterone levels in men, weight loss, and gains in lean body mass in women, along with decreased body fat in both men and women. When used in conjunction with exercise, forskolin has shown even more promising outcomes, hinting at the compound’s potential to significantly augment the effects of physical activity.

While many companies simply extract forskolin from dried coleus forskohlii leaves without purifying the active ingredient, the optimal method involves isolating, purifying, and esterifying it into forskolin 1,9 carbonate. This derivative significantly enhances bioavailability and extends efficacy in the body to about 12 hours, compared to the typical 4-hour duration of regular forskolin.

Carbolin 19 by Biotest is an example of forskolin 1,9 carbonate, formulated using this advanced process to maximize its benefits. Unlike some supplements that can lead to receptor desensitization over time, forskolin operates as a “post-receptor” agent, bypassing receptor dependency, and directly stimulating adenylate cyclase, ensuring its fat-burning and other beneficial effects remain consistent without requiring cycling.

The recommended dosage of Carbolin 19 involves taking two softgels twice a day to harness its potential advantages for fat burning and overall physiological enhancements.

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